What We Look For

We find scale-up opportunities in massive addressable markets

We find products and services that are 10x better than current solutions with monopolistic characteristics

We specialize in taking Canadian companies to the US

We look for exceptional founders who can solve big problems and we put the largest emphasis on the founder

We leverage our, high-quality deal flow to find these rare, winning founders

We leverage our network and knowledge to add value and assist the founder through their journey


They know the intricacies of their product and are constantly thinking of tweaks and new features.

Powerfully Energetic

They command attention and have a magnetic impact on those around them. People follow them into battle, blindly.


They have big vision and a strong desire to solve real-world problems.


They are self-aware and know when and where they need help, and they are not afraid of accepting assistance. They have the innate ability to build and nurture high-performing teams.


They demonstrate a high level of intelligence. They soak up knowledge and know when to listen, learn, and adjust.


They display a high degree of personal exceptionalism. They are hard on themselves and others, setting high standards of quality and execution.